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Ríomhaire Digital Products

Website Design

From the early days of website design with Geocities.com, to the modern multi user online e-commerce marketplace, we have worked with a lot of web applications over the last 20 years. What ever your business web requirements are – we are confident of developing a solution for your business.  

Website Design

We have 20+ years experience in Online WEB creation, from basic designs, e-commerce websites to multiuser marketplaces.

E-commerce Solutions

15+ Years in online selling from single selling pages to multi user marketplaces. We can integrate multiple applications to automate your online selling for your business. When Banks and processing companies were controlling the internet we were using Stripe for our clients in late 2011. 

Web Hosting Solutions

 We provide a wide range of standard web hosting server packages . Of course we can build a custom virtual server for your business needs to support your online journey to make sure availability of your business to world 24/7. We assess your digital needs and specify sufficent hardware for your website hosting.

Business email Solutions

In this day and age, email communication needs to be secure and availability to your business every minute of the day. We provide and setup your business emails from registration of the domain name to emails on all devices for your business users.

Domain name Solutions

Ríomhaire is a an expert in domain name registration. We sell 100’s of domain names across multiple TLD’s. Please check our domain availablitly tool or contact us for more.

Branding & Logo

Image is important across your business for your brand. Branding and logo remains important in the digital arena online. We can develop branding and logo’s to support your web presence. Please contact us if you are thinking about changing your logo or brand image online and we can assist.

Website Management

It is important to remember that a website needs to be managed all the time after creation. After a website is launched the website technology and code can become vulnerable to a wide array of cyber attacks if not managed correctly. We offer professional website management for your business so you don’t need to worry about your online protection and security.

Grants and funding

SME businesses in Ireland can avail of local enterprise grants to support their online presence. Contact us today to assist your business in the application to support funding your digital online journey.

Business IT Development

Complete IT design for your business in the digital age. From startup to established businesses we can assist with scalable IT solutions. We have made numerous custom IT developments installations for a wide range of business problems over the years. Contact us today with the next challenge.

Custom Services

Bring your project to us. Our team have a wide array of IT experience in online delivery, scripting, programming, networking & information security.


We are 100% focused on the delivery of digitals products with cyber security in design. We have full awareness of industry practices NIST, ISO, CIS etc. SME’s remain a high target for cyber threat actors. It is important to have this consideration in all the stages of web development for your business. Your data and image is important to us when developing a solution for your business.


We have implemented a wide range of specific data analytic dashboards for SME’s to give further understanding to their business KPI’s. We can centralise and transform all your data sources to provide insights from your data for your business development. Less than 10% of SME’s use dashboards and KPI’s.


We pride ourselves in supporting the Irish SME section and supporting each business with unique IT solutions to grow. We understand time is important to you and your business. We can automate your IT so you can focus on your business functions day to day.


We provide a range of continued IT support services for your business across multiple areas. Keep your business running 24/7. Contact us today to provide support to your business and take the headache of IT issues away.

Maintenance & Updates

Websites need to be maintained from a content and software perspective. We can help your business with small tasks or maintain the whole system so you dont have to. Contact us today with your questions and we will help you.

Information Security Management

As your business grows both offline and online, information needs to be secured and protected. Information needs to be managed and there are methods to help a business implement information security management to help protect your business from an incident and possible financial penalty. Talk to us today to help you with better information management.  

Ask us a question

What ever your IT headache is, ask us a question and we will help. We have a rich mix of experience to tackle all the SME IT problems. Make IT work for your business and reduce the manual processes that most SME’s are doing each day.

Featured Work

Website Launch

Security Marketplace

Phase 1: A directory of security suppliers in Ireland. A central directory built on a CMS with backend data processing. Old databases were configured to work with the new online website automatically.

Phase 2: Build an E-Commerce multi vendor and user online marketplace to fit into the current website.

Phase 3: Enable a mobile app to all users on iOS and Android.

Custom data Development

Centralise all data and produce dashboards

We collaborated all the data in the business Databases, text files, spreadsheets, log files, accounts etc and centralised it all in a user format to apply. We used custom python scripts, SQL, batch files, PHP, MACRO’s . The business could then see their data daily via dashboards, creating more visibility for business decisions. 

Payment project

On the go payments

We developed a solution for a client to use their existing payment provider and integrate a ‘ Tap to Pay’ to accept in person contactless payments. We were asked to provide a secure and cost effective solution for a small SME which we delivered. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

withCustom data project

Data extraction using Python

We developed a program with Python using REGEX and data extraction to identify trends in our clients data. We used email alerts, SMS notifications and VOIP alerts to tell the user when a margin was reached. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

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From startup to established businesses we can assist with scalable IT solutions.

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  • Information Security Management 80% 80%
  • Data Analytics 80% 80%
  • Custom IT Development 80% 80%
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