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Our Work

We stand by each individual challenge that is proposed to us by each business. From Single page sites, custom software development to full scale e-commerce websites – WE ACCEPT A CHALLENGE. We are proud of our work and have 100% customer service to your business. See some highlights of recent work below.


Website Launch

Security Ecommerce Marketplace

Phase 1: A directory of security suppliers in Ireland. A central directory built on a CMS with backend data processing. Old databases were configured to work with the new online website automatically.

Phase 2: Build an E-Commerce multi vendor and user online marketplace to fit into the current website.

Phase 3: Enable a mobile app to all users on iOS and Android.

Custom data Development

Centralise all data and produce dashboards

We collaborated all the data in the business Databases, text files, spreadsheets, log files, accounts etc and centralised it all in a user format to apply. We used custom python scripts, SQL, batch files, PHP, MACRO’s . The business could then see their data daily via dashboards, creating more visibility for business decisions. 

Payment project

On the go payments

We developed a solution for a client to use their existing payment provider and integrate a ‘ Tap to Pay’ to accept in person contactless payments. We were asked to provide a secure and cost effective solution for a small SME which we delivered. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

Custom data project

Data extraction using Python

We developed a program with Python using REGEX and data extraction to identify trends in our clients data. We used email alerts, SMS notifications and VOIP alerts to tell the user when a margin was reached. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

using a Payment project

Payment Subscriptions

We developed a solution for a client to integrate a payment subscription service into their existing website to receive bill payments from customers. It included once off payments and also subscription payment methods. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

Cyber Security Project

Darkweb Business Monitoring

We developed a business solution to enable an Irish SME business to monitor business artifacts online on the darkweb. The business can monitor key information on the darkweb to enable data integrity and security of their business. We setup monitoring, bash scripts, linux portable hosts, VPN’s and reporting. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

We Open Source project

Messaging System

We developed a solution for a client to integrate 100% of their hardware into their business messaging communication system. This is an example of how skilled and flexible our teams are. We enabled a high level of visibility across the business infrastructure via the signal API. Admin teams could send a message back and and run bash scripts via VPN mobile devices. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

Data Project

Fitness Data Project

We developed an integration between Myfitnesspal and a popular shopping app to enable ease of transfer of data. This was done using an API using Python and NODE. The fitness business was manually performing this task and no solution existed to integrate the two systems. All integrations were built by Ríomhaire.

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