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Terms of Service

The subsequent terms and conditions are applicable to all services, encompassing website design and development services, (the Services) offered by Riomhaire.ie trading as Ríomhaire Solutions (Ríomhaire Solutions) to the Client, in association with any relevant estimate given to the Client by Ríomhaire Solutions (Terms), unless a different written agreement is in place. The Client’s acceptance of a quotation, purchase, or utilisation of the Services is deemed as an acceptance of these Terms.

1. **Fees**
The fees for the Services are outlined in the project estimate that the Client obtains from Ríomhaire Solutions through email. Estimates remain valid for 30 days. Ríomhaire Solutions retains the right to modify an estimate or refuse to offer the pertinent Services after the 30-day period.

Unless there’s a different agreement with the Client, all website design services necessitate an upfront payment of at least thirty-three (33) percent of the total project estimate before starting the work. A subsequent payment of thirty-three (33) percent is due post the client’s review and design approval, with the remaining amount due after the project’s completion, before uploading to the server or releasing any materials.

The Client commits to compensating Ríomhaire Solutions for any extra expenses essential for completing the work. Such expenses might include, but aren’t limited to, domain name acquisition, additional plugins, unique fonts, and stock images.

All fees are exclusive of VAT.

2. **Billing and Payments**
Ríomhaire Solutions will issue invoices in accordance with the aforementioned timelines. Invoices are typically sent electronically, but paper invoices can be provided if requested. Payment is expected upon the Client’s receipt of the invoice.

Payments for services should be made via credit card or bank transfer. Cheques are not accepted. Bank details will be provided on invoices.

If the Client doesn’t make the due payment to Ríomhaire Solutions by the stipulated payment date, then, without limiting Ríomhaire Solutions’ remedies, the Client will be charged interest on the overdue amount at a rate of 4% annually above the ECB base rate. This interest will accumulate daily from the due date until the overdue amount is fully paid, whether before or after a judgment. The Client is responsible for paying the interest along with the overdue amount.

Unpaid accounts thirty (30) days post the invoice date will be deemed as default. If a defaulting Client has any data or files on Ríomhaire Solutions’ web space, Ríomhaire Solutions might, at its discretion, delete all such content. Ríomhaire Solutions isn’t accountable for any data loss due to this service removal. Removing such content doesn’t absolve the Client from the responsibility to pay any outstanding fees. Cheques returned due to insufficient funds will incur a €25 fee, and the Client’s account will be considered in default until full payment is made. Clients with default accounts consent to pay Ríomhaire Solutions all reasonable expenses, including legal fees and third-party collection agency costs, that Ríomhaire Solutions incurs while enforcing these Terms.

3. **Client Review**
Ríomhaire Solutions will allow the Client to review the website’s look and content during its design phase and after its overall development. Upon project completion, unless the Client informs Ríomhaire Solutions otherwise within ten (10) days from when the materials are made available, these materials will be considered accepted and approved.

4. **Project Timeline and Content Management**
Ríomhaire Solutions commits to setting up and publicly displaying or providing the Client’s website by the date mentioned in the project proposal or by the date mutually agreed upon after receiving the initial payment, unless the Client specifically requests a delay that Ríomhaire Solutions agrees to.

In exchange, the Client commits to promptly offer Ríomhaire Solutions all necessary cooperation, information, materials, data, staff access, and timely decision-making that Ríomhaire Solutions might reasonably require for service performance. This includes the Client designating a single individual as the primary contact to assist Ríomhaire Solutions in advancing the project efficiently.

During the project, Ríomhaire Solutions will need the Client to supply website content, such as text, images, videos, and audio files, along with any pertinent background details.

5. **Delay Due to Client’s Failure to Provide Content**
Ríomhaire Solutions is a compact business, and to maintain efficiency, it’s crucial to ensure scheduled work is executed on time. Sometimes, Ríomhaire Solutions might have to decline other work opportunities to ensure the Client’s work is completed as scheduled.

That’s why Ríomhaire Solutions requests the Client to provide all necessary information beforehand. If there’s a delay because the required information wasn’t provided within the agreed timeframe, Ríomhaire Solutions reserves the right to impose a surcharge of up to 25% of the fees. If the Services include Search Engine Optimization, Ríomhaire Solutions needs the text content for the Client’s site in advance for efficient SEO planning and execution.

If the Client commits to providing the necessary information but fails to do so within a week of the project’s start, Ríomhaire Solutions reserves the right to close the project, and the remaining balance becomes immediately due. In simple terms, the Client shouldn’t authorize the project’s start unless they’re prepared to do so.

**NOTE:** Text content should be provided as a Microsoft Word document, email, or similar, with the document’s pages reflecting the content of the corresponding pages on the website. These pages should have titles matching the agreed website pages. For any clarifications, please contact Ríomhaire Solutions.

With Ríomhaire Solutions’ content management system, the Client can update their content independently.

6. **Web Browsers**
Ríomhaire Solutions strives to design websites that are accessible to the majority of visitors. Websites are crafted to be compatible with popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. The Client acknowledges that Ríomhaire Solutions can’t ensure full functionality across all browser software and operating systems.

Ríomhaire Solutions isn’t responsible for web pages that don’t display correctly in new browser versions released after the website’s design and handover. Therefore, Ríomhaire Solutions retains the right to provide a quote for any work needed to modify the website design or code to make it compatible with updated browser software.

7. **Contract Termination**
The Client must submit a written notice to terminate services, which becomes effective upon receipt. Termination requests via email or phone won’t be acknowledged unless confirmed in writing. The Client will be billed for work done (including any expenses as mentioned in clause 1) up to the cancellation notice date, with full payment due within thirty (30) days.

8. **Protection**
All services provided by Ríomhaire Solutions must be used for lawful purposes only. The Client agrees to protect and exempt Ríomhaire Solutions from all damages, losses, and expenses resulting from any actions or claims arising from the Client’s use of Ríomhaire Solutions’ services.

9. **Intellectual Property Rights**
Background IP refers to any IP Rights, other than Foreground IP, used in relation to these Terms.

Foreground IP pertains to any IP Rights

that arise from, or in connection with, the Services provided under these Terms.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that all Background IP is the property of Ríomhaire Solutions or its licensors. Unless explicitly stated in these Terms, nothing grants the Client any rights, title, or interest in or to any Background IP.

Ríomhaire Solutions acknowledges and agrees that all Foreground IP is the property of the Client or its licensors. Unless explicitly stated in these Terms, nothing grants Ríomhaire Solutions any rights, title, or interest in or to any Foreground IP.

10. **General**
These Terms, together with any other written agreement between the Client and Ríomhaire Solutions, constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Any changes to these Terms must be in writing and signed by both parties. 

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